Vikram (Golf et al)

With Vikram taking a bit of interest in golf, I thought I might put up a placeholder for him..  I have posted these in random order  as I curate it, rather than being very chronological..

Building a Driving Range in the garage : Being too lazy about going to the driving range, we built a ‘driving range’ in the garage and it works for both of us

Happy Gilmore time:  Being able to go to the driving range in your PJs allows you to do funny things

The first 100y drive: On 25th Aug, Vikram went kissed the 100y marker with his drive.  He was very happy about it

Advice #1 from the_coach: After Vikram started hitting his 100y drives, I reached out to the_coach for advice on how to help Vikram.  As always, the coach offered some great tips..

Advice #2 from the_coach -the Crocodile and the giraffe : The coach offered some great tips to Vikram on how to get him swinging correctly

Things I learnt from my first outing as Daddy Caddy:  My thoughts from Vikram’s first golf competition

First handicap: Vikram gets his first golf handicap

More to follow>>>


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